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Service commitment
The aftersales service promise of pressure cooker, kettle series
1.Service promise:
(1)Users can enjoy the right of maintaining the pressure cooker, kettle series.
(2) pressure cooker can be maintained for free within half a year.We commitment to shift the product if it has quality problems in the company safty use time .kettle series can be maintained for free in a year.
(3) The implementation of after-sales service is in all country.
2. The condition of maintaining for free
(1) Within the maintaining period,the failure which is the quality of the product itself causes ;
(2) The customers should show the validity sales documents the retailer gave or the related invoice and warranty card of the terminal market when you want the products maintained.
(3) If you don't have the validity sales documents the vendors gave or the related invoice and warranty card of the terminal market is within six months from the date of the warranty period for the pressure cooker. Kettle series for one year warranty.
4.The situation as follows are not belong to the maintaining for free service,it should be charged for maintaining in the maintenance network,but the charge should be in line with the standard of the local department of charging prices.

(1) No related products manufactured date of certificate or effective vendors invoices
(2) The customers who don't operate the product according to the instruction and cause the failure
(3) The products maintaining certificate or the invoice date has been altered
(4) Due to damage caused by force majeure (such as fires, earthquakes)
(5) Modification or demolition of users and not Shunda company maintenance personnel removed the damage caused by moving
(6) The products which has been depreciate the price for dealing with the handling.
(7) The damage caused by improper custody, maintenance,use.
Note: Other accessories, gifts and colour packaging are not in the replacement range.