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Development path
In the 25 years of growth course:
1982 Shunda Co. Ltd and brand name established, Has became a banner of stainless steel vessel trade.

1991 Awarded to "Trustworthy Quality Unit" and "Observe Contracts and Keep Credit Unit" by the government
in succession since Jieyang city was founded.

1998 Shunda brand stainless steel pressure cooker won "Outstanding new products in Guangdong province".

98-05 The sales volume of Shunda brand stainless steel pressure cooker has occupied the first place of same
product in national market for eight years.

1999 Won "Private Technological Enterprises of Guangdong Province".

2002 "Shunda" brand was regarded as " Famous Trademark in Guangdong"; "Shunda" brand stainless steel wares
were chose as "Famous Products in Guangdong"; The small home electric appliance was passed China's mandatory
products safety certification.

2003 Chose as "Advanced Private Enterprise"; Won "Observe Contracts and Keep Credit" for ten years in succession in
Guangdong Province; Chose as "Observe Contract and Keep Credit enterprise in the whole country" by Chinese
Industry and Commerce General Administration.

2004 Shunda brand stainless steel pressure cooker was chose as "China Top Brand product".

2005 "Shunda" brand stainless steel vessel series was chose as "Products Exempt From inspection in National".

2007 "Shunda" brand was chose as "China far famed Trademark".

Our company will exploit ,innovate and devote the society Unceasingly. Wish to joint with all craft brothers make
great efforts, go forward hand in hand and create resplendence together!