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Website redesign notice
From:admin    Time:2012-5-4 16:58:05    Hits:13816
    In order to meet the needs of companies in the development of new, better advantage of the various functions of the website, for the vast number of users to provide better service, our company has the form and content of the website upgrading and redesign, and on November 10 in 2013 enabled the new site, the original address remains the same.
    Our company is dedicated to the broad masses of customers to provide convenient, quick, the latest consultation and the message.But early comprehensive revision, the website will inevitable shortcomings, may cause problems during operation, we will be solved as soon as possible.At the same time, I hope you in the new web site at the same time, leaving precious opinion.We will try to make a website to be more perfect.Thank you for your support in our company!